District of Uttar-Pradesh

district Uttar-Pradesh

ज़िला पीलीभीत
ضلع پیلی بھیت

• Density

• 559 /km2 (1,448 /sq mi)

• Elevation

• 172 metres (564 ft)

• PrecipitationTemperature
• Summer
• Winter

•      780 mm (31 in)
•      36.8 °C (98.2 Â°F)
•      14.5 °C (58.1 Â°F)

Pilibhit district (Hindi: ज़िला पीलीभीत, Urdu: ضلع پیلی بھیت) is one of the districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, and Pilibhit city is the district headquarters. Pilibhit district is a part of Bareilly Division.The city is famous for its contribution to Bollywood, Urdu literature and its involvement in Politics of India. Pilibhit has produced as many as three song writers for Bollywood namely Anjum Pilibhiti, Akhtar Pilibhiti, and Rafiq Alam. The district has elected eleven central ministers in 14 parliamentary elections. The sitting member of 14th parliament from Pilibhit constituency Smt. Menaka Gandhi is India's first lady member of parliament, who was elected more than five times from a single constituency.

Due to dense Sikh population in the district, it is also known as Mini Punjab as after Partition of India in 1947, a large number of Sikhs came from Pakistan to this area, and government resettled them in the area. The district Pilibhit is also home to thousands of Bengali people, who came here after 1947.

A new Tiger Reserve Area is come up with name as Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in Sept 2008.

According to the 2011 census Pilibhit district has a population of 2,037,225, This gives it a ranking of 226th in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 567 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,470 /sq mi) .

Total Area District - 3504 km²
Total Area city - 68.76 km²

Population (as 2011)

Scheduled Castes (Largest three) ( As in Sept, 2007)






Minority Populations ( As in Sept, 2007)

Scheduled Tribes (Largest three) ( As in Sept, 2007)

Literacy (as 2001)

Administrative Set up (2007–08)

No. of Villages ( As in Sept, 2007)

Important Towns (Largest three) (As in Sept, 2007)

No. of Town (As in Sept, 2007)

Police Station (As in Sept, 2007)

RoadWays (As in Sept, 2007)

Railways (As in Sept, 2007)

Post Offices (As in Sept, 2007)

Communication (As in Sept, 2007)

Banks (As in Sept, 2007)

Fair Price Shops (Governmental) (As in Sept, 2007)

Plants (As in Sept, 2007)

Agriculture Production (As in Sept, 2007)

Irrigation (As in Sept, 2007)

Water System (As in Sept, 2007)

Dairy (As in Sept, 2007)

Agricultural Socity (As in Sept, 2007)

Industries (As in Sept, 2007)

Education (As in Sept, 2007)

Public Health (As in Sept, 2007)

Special Hospitals (As in Sept, 2007)

Total Roads (As in Sept, 2007)

Electricity - (As in Sept, 2007)

House Type (As in Sept, 2007)

Cinemas (As in Sept, 2007)

Religions (Largest three) (As in Sept, 2007)

Religious Places (As in Sept, 2007)

Rivers in Pilibhit District

Lakes & Water Bodies in Pilibhit District

Canals in Pilibhit District

Blocks in Pilibhit District

Tehsil in Pilibhit District

Main Educational Institutes in Pilibhit District

Main Roads in City

Main Cinema Halls

List of NGOs Running In Pilibhit

Area wise PIN codes are as follows.

Barpeta Â· Bongaigaon Â· Cachar Â· Darrang Â· Dima Hasao Â· Dhubri Â· Goalpara Â· Hailakandi Â· Kamrup Â· Karimganj Â· Kokrajhar Â· Marigaon Â· Nagaon

Fatehabad Â· Gurgaon Â· Mewat Â· Rewari Â· Sirsa

Anantnag Â· Budgam Â· Kupwara Â· Leh Â· Poonch Â· Srinagar

Gumla Â· Pakur Â· Sahebganj

Bidar Â· Gulbarga

Coordinates: http://toolserver.org/~geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Pilibhit_district&params=28_33_N_80_06_E_region:IN_type:adm2nd"> class="geo-default">28°33′N 80°06′E / 28.55°N 80.1°E / 28.55; 80.1

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilibhit_district


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